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How long does it take to receive a quote?

Usually quotes can take as a little as half an hour to 24 hours depending on the complexity of the job. Sometimes the emails can go to your Spam so please check that if you haven't received an email from us.

Will the colours be exactly the same when we get a proof before ordering?

When you receive a digital proof, the colours on your monitor show in RGB colours which are different to the printing CMYK Colours. So they cannot be the same. Proofs are just to show layout of the sticker and design. If you need to match colours, you need to be ordering stickers with Pantone Colour. Please make sure this is the case before ordering.

How will the stickers be supplied?

Depending on the stickers you require. The standard stickers usually come on Individually Single Cut Labels. However we do have Roll and Sheet Options but please advice if you need this before ordering.

Do we need to send artworks for quote?

If you need stickers on a Roll or on Sheets. Or you simply need to print with Pantone Colours.
We would require you to send us your artwork.

The reason for this is, depending on the artwork we would have to use different machines to produce the stickers so the Quotation will be different.
We will work out which will be most suited and will work with your design and send you the quote accordingly.

What sizes are you cable of making?

Generally on Individuals stickers we can produce stickers between 10mm ~ 600mm. However on Rolls, we can produce stickers as small as 6mm and even print on them. We are confident in whatever size or shape you need, we can help.

Do you do digital printing on wide format printers? Do you do Vinyl Decal Transfers?

Yes, we are able to do digital printing for your Bumper Stickers or to your shop or office shop front.
These can be produced to any size you require. Please send us an email and our friendly staff will be more than happy to quote.

We also do Vinyl Transfers, or Decals. Please send us your requirements and we will gladly quote.

Is it possible to get a quote over the phone?

If you would like to speak to someone regarding a quote and you want more information for a particular sticker, please feel free and our friendly staff would be more than happy to assist.

However, if you want a quote over the phone, we can do these on certain sticker types however because of our extensive sticker stocks and sizes. We prefer to quote you via email, so we have someone in writing if you were to go ahead with this later on.

We need the stickers URGENTLY, do you do Express Services?

On Rolls, SheetS or Pantone Colour and any specialty sticker stocks we are able to Express Produce these. However, on Standard Stickers they have a lead time of any betweeen 4-7 Working days + Delivery, we do not guarantee delivery time for these so make sure you leave plenty of time to order.


What are the steps in making an order from Mystickers?

After getting a quote and wanting to proceed with an order, please send us an email regarding this. We will send you an artwork proof together with Payment details, either Paypal, Credit Card, or Bank Transfer. After you have approved the artwork, and fixed up the payment, we will send you an Confirmation email and get these into production for you.

Do you do other sizes or shapes other than standard sizes?

We make Stickers in any size or shape you choose. Everything at MyStickers are Custom made and produced.

I don't have artwork? Will Mystickers help with this?

Our designers are more than happy to do basic artwork setup for you as long as you are clear on what you want on your stickers. However if you require a more complex design or logo design you would need to find a graphic designer to help you with this.

How long do the stickers take to produce and deliver?

Depending on the type of stickers you require.
They are all slightly different. Usually they take about 4-6 working days + Delivery on the paper stock. However they can take as little as 2-3 days depending on Stock required. Please make sure you ask before you order if you need to meet a deadline.

Is it possible to Split the Qty 1000 into smaller Quantities?

With the standard Specials, you can't split the Qty 1000 into smaller Qty.

Can we order Stickers in smaller quantities other than Qty 1000?

Depending on Sticker types. We do have smaller orders for certain sticker types.
Please send us an email and we can assist.


Do you need payment before production?

Generally yes we do. Payment is required before production as an agreement between buyer and seller and that you won't change your mind or cancel order while they are in production. Believe me this has happened.
If you are government body and need time for payment, we can surely assist. Please send us an email and we can always work something out.

Do you accept Credit Cards or any other payment other than Paypal?

We do accept Mastercard and Visa and Paypal payments. We also do accept bank transfers, however we do not take American Express.

Could you please send us a Tax Invoice?

We are able to send you a Tax Invoice with ABN and full company details.
Just email us and we can send you anytime.


When will I receive my stickers?

Depending on sticker types ordered. The time does vary. Some stickers can take as little as 2-3 working days + Delivery. But generally the Standard paper stickers take about 4 -6 working days + Delivery, vinyls can take 5-7 working days. Also depends on the complexity of your order.

From time to time we have have Print Back Log taking place and this does delay production times of the normal sticker production. We do not Guarantee delivery times however please feel free to ask about possibilities and we will surely help.

How do you send your stickers?

We are one of the few that sends our stickers by Express which may be an overnight service.
Larger or bigger stickers we also use Courier service which may also be an overnight service depending on your location.

Will I be notified when you send the stickers out?

Yes, every time we send your stickers out you will receive an email from us letting you know your stickers are on there way. Another Customer Service we pride ourselves in.