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Paper Stickers

Standard Shapes (60mmx 60mm)

Vinyl Stickers

Standard Shapes (60mmx 60mm)

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Standard Shapes (60mmx 60mm)

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Standard Shapes (60mmx 60mm)

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Custom Shapes Available


Expert Sticker Printing at a Great Price

MyStickers Australia is a leader in sticker printing. We have always worked hard to offer affordable prices and to provide the best quality. Custom stickers are our specialty. Whether your business needs standard shape stickers to the more complex custom made shapes, we have the solution for you. We strive to deliver the best possible services in Australia.

Available sticker types include:


Paper is a versatile material for labels and seals. We can present your stickers on a roll, for easy dispensing. It's quick and simple to order yours online; just submit a quote request by email, and one of our team will get back to you within 24 hours.


Because vinyl is waterproof and does not rip, it is an ideal sticker material for high traffic areas, as well as outdoor areas. It is also a great option for long term adhesion where the message of the sticker must remain clear- for example, safety warnings and alerts.

Custom printed:

We offer custom printed labels and transfers in a range of shapes. Your design doesn't need to fit the standard dimensions; we will work with you to create something which reflects your organisation's logo, or a stamp shape, or a sticker designed to fit in a particular space.


Metallic stickers and labels are eye catching and conspicuous. They are a popular choice for labelling computer and hardware parts, where the label needs to be small and unobtrusive yet easily located. Stick-on metallic packaging labels are a great way to help your product stand out on the shelf. Smaller individual seals, perhaps incorporating some embossing, are also a great way to show off awards or designations on products without completely relabelling them.

Fridge magnets:

Fridge magnets are a classic way of promoting your business, and keeping your organisation's name in front of customers on a daily bases. MyStickers can create full colour magnets in a range of shapes and sizes.


These great embossed stickers are ideal for use on certificates, envelopes, and even formal invitations. Add a touch of old fashioned elegance to your written communications, by sealing them with a personalised embossed seal. Lend some distinction to individual product labels, with an extra mark of class.


Transparent label stickers are ideal for applying to glass and plastic, where maximum visibility is important. The printing material used is a waterproof and durable plastic, with a subtly glossy finish. Clear labels and adhesive signs are available in a range of dimensions, to suit any application.

Bumper stickers:

Bumper stickers are a great promotional giveaway product, and a perfect way to advertise your business or organisation to a wide audience. We deliver bumper stickers in boxes, ready to disperse and apply.

...and much much more. At MyStickers, we make stickers really easy to plan from design right through to the delivery to your door. Give us a go, you'll be very pleased.

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We specialise in standard and custom Stickers for your business needs. From Wedding Cards Stickers to Company Branding Stickers. We make stickers at the cheapest prices and at the Best Quality possible.

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